Coronavirus Update

All Sleep Ezzz Stores are currently closed to the public as per Provincial Guidelines and Direction.

You can still shop online as per usual and your new mattress set will be delivered as soon as possible. 

Your new mattress will be factory-wrapped and sealed in plastic. Our delivery team is practicing proper hygiene and social distancing.

This offers you an excellent way to shop for your new mattress without leaving your home.   

Please call us if you have any questions as we are here to help.

We wish everyone best wishes for safety, security and health. Thank you.


Shop in-store or online and we'll deliver your New Mattress Set tomorrow.

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Our best sellers are now available for purchase online.  And yes, we'll deliver your new mattress tomorrow!  If you are not sure about which mattress is right for you we invite you to visit one of our stores and test a few out...Each of our stores carries over 50 top of the line Brand Name mattress models.    

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Get the Straight Talk on Coil Count

The coil count of a mattress is not as important as some sales people might lead you to believe. Although most quality inner-spring mattresses come with high coil counts, inner-spring mattresses should never be judged by this. When shopping for a new inner-spring mattress, it’s much more important to consider the type of inner-spring, than the coil count.

A Better Mattress For Less!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new mattress, you’ve come to the right place. AT SleepEzzz we believe that a good night’s sleep starts with a quality, supportive, comfortable mattress. We also realize that buying such a mattress isn’t always easy. You can find the same popular brand names everywhere, but different covers, different names, and technical talk can be confusing. We'll make it all quick and easy to understand so you can make an informed buying decision that you will feel good about.

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Tempur-Pedic Sale!

Can a great luxury mattress really come compressed in a box?

No. It simply isn't possible.

Get an authentic, real Memory Foam mattress and feel the difference.  A Tempur-Pedic mattress will outperform and outlast any box-mattress on the market.

ENTER '200' at check-out for a $200 discount. 


The Material Facts

Any mattress can look good but it's the quality of the materials and the workmanship combined that go into making a great mattress that will last and do what it's supposed to do for a long time. Every mattress on our showroom floors has to exceed a very high standard. That means even our entry level mattress models are a cut above the rest. Visit one of our stores today to see and experience the difference.

Google Testimonials

Best mattress shop in town. I have purchased mattresses for both my kids and myself and all sleep well. The prices are way better than sleep country and the quality is pretty good, way better than for what you get it is the best value for sure. They deliver the mattress the next day. One time I was able to pick one up same day as I needed to transport to kid in TO. Can't beat the service and value. Purchased many mattresses.

Don Kowlarovski

This store is absolutely fantastic! We went in this morning while mattress shopping and ended up buying a mattress right there and then since their prices were (almost uncomfortably) great.  To top it all off they were able to deliver same day!

I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who’s looking for a new bed.

Tessa DAchille

Friendly helpful staff who know their merchandise. Great prices too.

Lisa Clayton

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Sleep-Ezzz. They were professional and knowledgeable. We received help from both Donna and Steve. I recommend them enough. The Tempur-Pedic we sleep on now has changed our life.

Amber Towsley

Fantastic Customer Service from a local company. We found what we needed and it was delivered first thing the next day (Sunday) on time and installed in minutes. Would highly recommend this store!!

Ger Gilmore

Quality Brand Name Mattresses for Less!